Welcome to Urban Acres Produce!

Fresh Healthy Food Delivery For a Stronger Community

Serving High-Quality Fresh Foods to Our Community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide access to healthy, fresh produce to areas designated as food desert neighborhoods in the city of Wilmington and surrounding areas addressing the problem of health disparities in low-income communities.

Our Goal

Our goal is to introduce healthier eating habits to adults and children. Urban Acres Produce is an LLC owned by the Central Baptist Community Development Corporation, which was initially developed and founded through a church and community partnership to address the lack of convenient access to healthy foods in low-income sections of the Eastside and Northeast. This initiative is designed to enhance the distribution of Delaware fruits and vegetables to non-traditional and underserved markets in the state by establishing a local-focused distribution network linking Delaware producers with Delaware restaurants, schools, small retail outlets, and other institutional outlets.

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